‘Make my day... give us a wave’ says cop

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Craigavon police are feeling a little left out and are asking the public to make their day - by giving them a wave!

Officers were on the roads carrying out speed checks and weren’t just saddened to be issuing tickets (they assure us) but were also saddened that no one waved at them.

A spokesperson, posting to the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page on Thursday (September 12), said: “Today members of the Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team were out, as requested by you, to carry out speed ops within our area.

“As a result of your requests we conducted speed ops on Drumgor West Road, Craigavon, Ballyhannon Road and Kernan Road, Portadown. Several motorists were warned about their speed but the sad thing was that two motorists received Fixed Penalty Notices for speeding.

“On top of this one motorist obviously didn’t see us driving behind him when he decided to lift his mobile and start chatting to a friend instead of concentrating on the road. As a result this motorist also received a Fixed Penalty Notice for his misjudged action.

“I would prefer to inform you that we had a successful day and caught nobody as it truly saddens me to issue these fixed penalty notices but some people just will not learn.

“What I also noticed today was that not one person waved to us. That also saddened me as we are only out trying to keep everybody safe, so when you see us out and about please wave at us as it makes our day go in that bit quicker.”