NI High Street Voucher 2021: When does the spend local scheme end? Deadline date and refund process explained

The NI High Street Voucher Scheme has been a huge success with more than 1.2 million cards being issued across Northern Ireland.

The Department of Economy has confirmed that more than £100 million has been spent so far on the Spend Local Scheme, which kicked off in Northern Ireland at the beginning of November.

However, the end of the scheme is in sight with Economy Minister Gordon Lyons urging people to spend their £100 in full before the scheme ends.

Speaking to BBC Northern Ireland he said, "It is important that every card holder spends every penny on their £100 card in order to maximise the benefit. Every penny counts, so check your balance and spend it all."

But when does the scheme end and how long do you have left to use your card?

When does the spend local scheme end?

The spend local scheme will end on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

The scheme has been extended once again to allow everyone the time to use their cards.

The Spend Local Scheme will end on Wednesday, December 15.

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NI High Street Voucher Scheme: How to check balance on spend local card and what...

What happens if you haven't spent your full £100?

If you haven't spent all of your £100 by the end of the scheme, then any remaining money will be will be returned to the Department of Economy.

How can I get a refund on the Spend Local prepaid card?

Up until 14 December 2021, refunds for purchase made using the Spend Local prepaid card should be made onto the card.

What happens if you need a refund after the scheme ends?

If you need to access a refund after the scheme ends on December 14, 2021 you should request a credit voucher or exchange from the business, as any money refunded back onto the Spend Local Card will be returned to the Department of Economy.

The method of reimbursement is always subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions and the customer’s statutory rights

What do I do with my Spend Local card once it expires?

Once the Spend Local Scheme ends and you card can no longer be used, it is recommended that you properly dispose of your card.

You can do this by cutting through the EMV chip and cutting the rest of the card up into small pieces, you can then dispose the sections in more than one bin bag.

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