Reported 280 Years Ago (Aug 25 1739): Falling dial plate in Belfast leaves man dying

The front page of the Belfast News Letter of August 14 1739 (which is August 25 in the modern calendar)
The front page of the Belfast News Letter of August 14 1739 (which is August 25 in the modern calendar)
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From the August 14 1739 Belfast News Letter (August 25 in the modern calendar):


On Saturday morning last the Dial-plate of the Market house of this place, fell on a poor labouring [word missing] who was then keeping watch, which broke his thigh and bruised him in so grievous manner, that it’s thought he cannot live. ‘Tis remarkable that the day before, when a man was on it, it fell not, and yet to have fallen so shortly after.

Extract of a letter from Gibraltar, dated July 2, 1739.

THE 27th ultimo, by a man of war from Lisbon, the governor and admiral received orders, since which we are putting everything into the best posture of defence, believing we shall see the fate of another siege; the admiral is now under sail with 2 ships of 80 guns, 3 of 70, 3 of 60, and 1 of 50, which we believe is to prevent the squadron of 7 sail which the Spaniards have at Ferrol, from joining 12 which they have at Cadiz, and an express has been dispatched to Port-Mahon, with this news.

To be SOLD,

By publick Cant, on Wednesday the 15th of August next at the Dwelling House of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Crawford of Ballynadrintogh, on the Parish of Killead and County of Antrim.

THE Interest of the Lease of a Farm of Land, now possessed by the said Thomas Crawford in Ballynadrintogh aforesaid, containing 1 Acres Cunningham Measure, wherein is sufficiency of good Meadow, and all the rest good arable Land fit to bear Wheat, Barley, Oats, Beans and Pease, &c. being well inclosed in small Parks, whereon is a handsome Dwelling House, well sash’d, and beautifully situated on rising Ground, with good Office Houses in Repair, and a good Garden. The Lands lie on the River Camlin, where may be made several convenient Bleaching Greens, within four Miles of the Town of Antrim. There is 18 Years of the Term in said Lease unexpired, at the 1st of November last, at 14l. 2s. 8d. halfpenny [approximately £3,500 in today’s money] for Rent, Fees, Duties, and Impropriate Tithe. As also at said Time and Place will be sold in like Manner, The whole Crop now growing on said Farm.

N.B. The Proprietor proposeth to make out a Lease of said Farm for 41 Years, for a reasonable Consideration. [This appears to be a man who was Presbyterian minister at Crumlin for 58 years, and died in 1782]

To be SOLD,

THE lease of the Dwelling-House, Office Houses and Garden, in Northstreet in Belfast, possessed by James Stewart, Tallow-chandler, there being 4 Years from the first of November next unexpired of the Term, at 7l, 10s. per Ann. Dated July 20, 1739

JAMES CRAIG and ROBERT MOOR of CARRICKFERGUS, CONTINUE to Dye and Dress Scarlets, Blews, Greens, and other common colour’d Cloaths as well as any in the Kingdom, very reasonably

TO be Lett from Allsaints next, For a Term of Years, not exceeding thirty one,.

THE Farm, call’d SCOOT BUSH containing 68 Acres, Plantation Measure, well water’d, a large Dwelling-House, and good Office-Houses; within one Mile of Carrickfergus and seven of Belfast: Also three Tenements, lying in Westreet of said Town, fit for Shopkeeping or lodging, or other Uses, very reasonably, by Robert Moor; the said Robert Moor has two Pieces of Timber fit for Socks to Tuck Millns, to dispose of.

THE Lease of the Quarter-Land of Moyaver, in the Parish of Ardmoy, and County of Antrim, whereof 13 Years are unexpired [late in the Possession of Neill Mc.Laughlin, Gent. and others] subject to the Payment of 23l. 10s. yearly Rent, with Receiver’s fees and Duties, to George Macartney of Belfast Esq; which Lease was lately purchased from the Sheriff of the Country of Antrim, by Clotworthy O’Neill, Esq; and is worth about 24l. profit Rent yearly. Whoever inclines to purchase the said Concern may apply to John Cuppage, Esq; at his House near Ballymony, or to the said Clotworthy O’Neill at Shane’s-Castle, where the Lease and the Sheriff’s Deed of Sale of the same may be seen.

N.B. The Purchaser shall be put into the full and immediate Possession of the above-mention’d Lands and Premises, there being now a Writ for that Purpose in the Hands of the High Sheriff of the said County of Antrim. Dated the 23d Day of July, 1739