Reported 280 Years Ago (August 25 1739): Latest on war planning

The front page of the Belfast News Letter of August 14 1739 (which is August 25 in the modern calendar)
The front page of the Belfast News Letter of August 14 1739 (which is August 25 in the modern calendar)
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From August 14 1739 News Letter (Aug 25 modern date):

This is the last in a nine-month surviving batch of papers that began in late 1738. Most papers from 1737 to early 1750s are lost. In coming days we are reproducing the paper, printed as Britain was close to war with Spain, with explanatory footnotes where appropriate:

LONDON, August 4.

We hear that all the officers belonging to the regiments in France, have received orders to repair to their respective posts immediately, on pain of being cashier’d.

Yesterday and this day above 30 merchants came to the admiralty office, and took out letters of marque and reprizals against the Spaniards to seize their ships on the coast of Spain and in the Mediterranean, and also in the West-Indies, and the merchants are to have the benefit of their captures, except the ancient duty which belongs to the crown. [The letters were a major step towards war]

Yesterday the commissioners of the excise sat several hours, and read several informations against persons for having adulterated tea found in their possessions, upon which they ordered search to be made, and to burn all such teas as should be found.

Monday next Sir John Noris has orders to command the fleet in Downs.

His grace the duke of Devonshire has been pleased to present the hon. Mr. Hamilton, M. A brother to the earl of Abercorn, to the rectory of Dunleer in Ireland.

From Mentz the 2d inst, that it is assured that at the late interview between the emperor and the elector of Bavaria, an argument had been made between those princes relating to the guardianship of the young prince of Sultzbach, and the administration of the palatine dominions, during his minority after that elector’s demise, and that Bavaria was already making some Dispositions for that purpose.

‘Tis thought duke Theodore of Bavaria, bishop of Ratisbon, &c. will be invested therewith. [The emperor was the Holy Roman Emperor]

They write from Paris, that a great change is to be made in the congregation of the fathers of the oratory, which will prove no small mortification to Jansenists. [Jansenists were a Catholic group critical of the church hierarchy]