Reported 280 Years Ago (June 19 1739): Lamb born in Ulster has two heads

The Belfast News Letter of June 8 1739 (June 19 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of June 8 1739 (June 19 in the modern calendar)
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From the News Letter of June 8 1739 (June 19 modern date):


We hear from Killibeggs in the county of Donnegal, that in May last,an ewe had a lamb with two distinct heads, and eyes, ears, &c. in proportion, lived for some time and walk’d about in the view of many: it cou’d not be discovered whether it was a tip or an ewe.

But what is still more remarkable is, that it was lamb’d on the same plot of ground, belonging to ‘Squire Cunningham, where Lieut. Chaplin brought in the Wheal not long since.

WILLIAM MURRAY, on the New Quay, in Belfast, hath a Parcel of Kelp, likewise America Flower, and a Parcel of Barley, which he sells at reasonable Rates.

We hear from the county of Ardmagh [sic] that all kinds of provisions, which lately bore a great price, are very much fallen to the great satisfaction and advantage of the poor.

We head that the lord Santry is repriev’d till the 18th day of August next.

THE Brigantine, William and Mary, of Belfast, burther about thirty Tons, John Moor Master, will be clear to sail from Belfast for Liverpool, against the 16th of June inst.

Such therefore as incline to send Goods or go as Passengers may apply to Mr. William Seed, Merchant, on the Hanover Quay, the said Master, or to the Printer hereof, and know further. Dated June 8, 1739.

LONDON, May 31.

Yesterday the Boyne, an eighty-gun ship, largely rebuilt, was launch’d at Deptford, There were present abundance of the nobility, the commissioners of the navy, and a great number of gentry, all of whom expressed an extraordinary satisfaction at her sliding off so smoothly.

Yesterday there was a current report in town that the pretender and his son had withdrawn themselves from Rome. [The Pretender, James Francis Edward Stuart, then aged 50, was son of the Catholic King James II, who was defeated at the Boyne in 1690, a battle older News Letter readers would have remembered. His son, Charles Edward Stuart, Young Pretender or Bonnie Prince Charlie, was age 19. He lost the 1746 Battle of Culloden, trying to regain the throne. In 1759 he hoped to invade from France]