Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (June 19 1739): Soldier detained after shooting drama in Hyde Park

From the June 8 1739 News Letter (June 19 modern date):

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Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 8:31 pm
The Belfast News Letter of June 8 1739 (June 19 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of June 8 1739 (June 19 in the modern calendar)

LONDON May 31.

Yesterday morning as the first battalion of the first regiment of foot guards were firing in the platoons in Hyde-Park, one of them fired with his rammer in his piece, which happily miss’d all the officers, &c. in the the [sic] front, and struck against one of the walnut trees near the bason; for which he was sent to the Savoy, in order to be tried by a general court marshal. [The Savoy Palace, London was built in 1263, and later became a hospital that closed in 1702. Part of the site became a military jail. Now it is the Savoy hotel]

Edinburgh, May 28. By letters from the North we learn, that some bodies of the Highlanders have lately appear’d in arms, plundering and stealing; a gang of them robbed Mr Peter Grant, a missionary preacher near Abertarff, off his watch valued at 5l. sterl. [about £900 today] 2l. 12s. 6d. in cash. This is attributed to the independent companies being gone towards Taybridge in order to be reviewed by lieut. colonel Duroure, who is coming down with a special commission to review these companies the beginning of June.

PS. We are told, that several gangs of Irish Felons, some of whom had lately broke out of the jails in Ireland, have landed in the West, and since committed divers outrages.

Edinburgh, May 29.

We learn from Elgin, that t’other week, James Miln and Thomas Schaw, Chapmen, having got drunk, would needs go in to a yard to fight, tho’ without the least bad intention; Miln had a sword, and Schaw said he was sufficient for him with a kail-stock; but unfortunately in making a push, Schaw was run through the body, and died instantly: Miln was immediately committed to prison.

DUBLIN, June 5.

Last Saturday the Rt. Hon. the lord George Sackville, Sir Campton Domville, bart coll. Bragg, and Henry Brooke, Esq; author of Gustavus Vasa, with several other persons of distinction arrived here from England.

Last Saturday a peal of eight new bells were landed here from Bristol for the use of Christ-Church.




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