Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (June 26 1739): Joy in Paris as Polish peace deal signed

From the June 15 1739 News Letter (June 26 modern date):

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 11:45 am
The Belfast News Letter of June 15 1739 (June 26 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of June 15 1739 (June 26 in the modern calendar)

The following is the king’s ordinance for publishing the peace.

‘Be it known to all, that a good, firm, solid and lasting peace, with an entire and sincere Reconciliation, has been made and agreed upon between the most high, most excellent, and most mighty prince Louis, by the grace of God king of France and Navarre, and the most high, most excellent, and most mighty prince Charles, Emperor, and the lords electors princes and states of the empire, their vassals, subjects and servants in all the kingdoms, countries, territories and lordships under their dominions; that the said vassals and subjects, and that in consequence of it they are allowed to go and come, return and dwell in all the places of the said kingdoms, states and countries, as likewise to trade, hold correspondence, and have communication with each other in full liberty and security, both by land and water, in the same manner as has been practised, or ought to have been practised, in times of good, sincere and amicable peace, such as this which the divine goodness has been pleased to give to the said lord the king and to the said lords the emperor, electors, princes and states of the empire, their people and subjects; and in order to maintain them therein, all persons, of whatever quality or condition they may be, are expressly forbid to attempt any thing that may be prejudicial to it, under the penalty of being severely punished as breakers of the peace, and disturbers of the publick tranquility.

And to the end that no body may plead ignorance, the present ordinance shall be read, publish’d, and fixed up at proper places. Done at Versailles the 28th of May, 1739. Sign’d LOUIS [The November 1738 Treaty of Versailles formally ended the War of the Polish Succession, which had in fact ended in 1735, and in which Louis XV of France and Charles VI of the Holy Roman Empire were on opposing sides]

June 13. Last week the people were let in gratis at the French and Italian play-houses, and likewise at the opera, on account of the publication of the peace.

The fish women at Paris being accustom’d to compliment the king upon solemn occasions, they have now done it on the proclamation of the peace. They went for this purpose in ceremony to Versailles, where they were kindly received by his majesty, to whom they made the following singular compliment [a flattering letter to the king follows]