Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (August 11 1739): Robbers and other named persons told to surrender or face treason conviction

The Belfast News Letter of July 31 1739 (August 10 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of July 31 1739 (August 10 in the modern calendar)
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From the Belfast News Letter of July 31 1739 (which is August 11 in the modern calendar):

DUBLIN, July 28.

This week their excellencies the lords Justices issued a proclamation for apprehending the following persons, who were presented as tories, robbers and rapparees, by the grand-jury of several counties, viz.

Lawrence Garry of Hilltown, joiner, John Gurreen of Blackhill, yeoman, Walter Lacy of Sounagh, yeoman, in the county of Westmeath; Richard Garry of Armagh in the county of Meath, yeoman; Frances Cavenagh, yeoman, and John Connor, hoopmaker, late of Knockrihy in the county of Kilkenny; John Corkeran late of Mohober, David Power, and Thomas Doorty, both of Clonpett, in the county of Tipperary; John Hurley of Coppenagh, Thomas Whelan of Ballinvaly, otherwise Thomas Phelan of Ballinvallagh, Pierce Cavanagh of Ballycallan, Patrick Magher of Mong M’Cody, yeomen, John Armstrong of Tullowhirn, schoolmaster, in the county of Kilkenny, Laughlan Doran and John Doran, both of Radestown within the liberties of the city of Kilkenny, yoeman [sic], John Reddy of Bishopslough. Cornelius Rully or Hurly of Collumkill, Michael Rowley otherwise Huly, now of Mong in said county, and late of Clonemican in the county of Tipperary, and James Moran of Castlewarren, in said county, yeomen; Edmund Darcy, late of Baheenleagh, in the county of Catherlough, yeomen; Ever Mc. Affrattan otherwise Ever Brattan, of Ballyliffen in the parish of Clonmanny, in the barony of Enishowen and county of Donnegall; Bryan Rorke and Ternan Rorke, of Monte-kenny, Philip Gileese of Ardrum, James Duff-Roke of Lahard, Ternan Rorke of Aghaleague, Thady Roke and Francis Mc.Gowran of Ballinamore, Daniel Roke of Ushenagh, yeoman, in the county of Leitrim.

Which said several persons are commanded to render themselves, on or before the first day of October next at farthest, to some one or more justice of justices of the peace for the several counties wherein they stand presented, as prisoner, and in case they do not, to be convict of high treason, and suffer accordingly, .&c.

BELFAST. This day the races at Belfair begin, when a thirty pound plate will be ran for, a ten pound plate to morrow, and a twenty pound plate the next day, according to the printed articles.

PORT-NEWS. Since my last arrived the Mary of Waterford, John Sweetman, thence with oat meal, millstones and oak timber — Michael of Waterford, Barthol. Murray, thence with oat meal --- Rosetta of Belfast, Mr. Safford, from Barbadoes, with rum --- the Carlisle, of Whitehaven, Robert Jefferson, from Rotterdam, with merchant goods and a oak bark --- a sloop from Ballycastle, with coals --- the Thomas and Margaret of Saltcoats. Tho. Horn, from Strandowen, with hoops and lead --- the Unity of Irvine, thence with coals --- the Robert and John, Mr. Echlin, with [word unclear, might be Cassob] ashes, hemp, & c.