Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (July 24 1739): Horse races to be held at Killrea

The Belfast News Letter of July 13 1739 (July 24 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of July 13 1739 (July 24 in the modern calendar)
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From the Belfast News Letter of July 13 1739 (July 24 in the modern calendar):

To be RUN for,

ON the Course of KILLREA [sic], in the County of Londonderry, on Thursday the 19th Instant, the best of three Heats, by any Horse, &c that never won 5l. or the Value thereof, at one Time, A Piece of fine Linen Cloth, Value 5l.

And also a Hunting-Sadle, with Stirrups and a Bridle, Value a Moydore.

And on the Friday following for a Piece of Linen, Value 3l. and a Saddle, with Stirups and a Bridle, Value a Moydore, by any Horse, &c. of no greater Value than 3l.

And on the same Day will be run for by Girls, a fine Linen Ruffled Shirt, with a Riband in the Breast.

And on Saturday following will be run for, Sweep Stakes, and several other Things; A British Shilling to be paid for every Horse that starts, at the Post.


On Wednesday next, being the 18th instant, will be run for, on the race course of Toome in the county of Antrim, a GUINEA SADDLE by any horse, mare, or gelding that never won the value of 3l. at any one time; carrying a feather, and paying one shilling entrance.

LONDON, July 3.

We don’t hear that they have begun the great killing at Tower-hill for victualling the present squadron that is fitting out, only a few ships are victuall’d at Chatham for a few months.

LONDON, July 5.

On Tuesday a board of treasury was held at Whitehall, at which Sir Robert Walpole assisted. Another was held there yesterday, and a third this day.

[Walpole is considered to have been Britain’s first prime minister]

In the De la Warr, lately arrived in the river from Smyrna, there is brought over a young Hyaena, about the size of a hog; and to the admiration of every body is so tame that they let him run loose about the deck, tho’ by nature he is accounted the most savage and untameable of all the wild beasts in the world. [Smyrna was a Greek part of Turkey]

SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, July 2.

Wednesday last about 9 at night, the rev. Mr John Spark minister of the gospel at Currie, in the presbytery of Edinburgh, having been at a presbytery, and riding home, on this side of the water of Leith, at the dam-head opposite Saughtonhall, the horse being just out of the stable, jolting aside to drink, (and insensible where the bank stood, as the waters were out on the road by the heavy rains) tumbled into the river, so that the gentleman perished, and next morning his corpse was found half a mile down: he was a serious, honest and worthy pastor; as such he lived in great esteem with his parishioners during an incumbency of 18 years, and who made a handsome appearance to convoy his funerals to his own church, where he was splendidly interred on Friday night.

He has left 5 children and his relict pregnant.