Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (June 9 1739): Royal decree to ban double salaries for double jobbing

The Belfast News Letter of May 29 1739 (June 9 in the modern calendar):
The Belfast News Letter of May 29 1739 (June 9 in the modern calendar):
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From the News Letter of May 29 1739 (June 9 modern date):

SPAIN. Madrid, April 17.

The king has issued a very remarkable decree to hinder any one person from receiving the salaries of two different offices, which has put many officers that had pluralities into a consternation, and will every year bring in three millions of pieces of eight into the royal treasury.

The prince of Nassau Siegen’s pension of 3000 pistoles is by this regulation suppressed. Most of the managers of the crown revenues are also turn’d out of their employments. The treasures of the farm of the snuff, who is actually in prison, is obliged to give an account of two millions of reals that are deficient in the produce of this farm.


On Friday last died of Pluratick disorder, in two days sickness, John Henning of this place, wheel-wright and surveyor of land; a very useful inoffensive ingenious man, very remarkable for his skill in the mathematicks, and for having contriv’d and made several ingines for batting, and rubbing linen clot. And, On Saturday last died of the gout in the stomach, Mr. Alexander Orr of this place wollen-draper, a very just dealer; whose death is lamented by all his acquaintance.

We are assured, that on Friday last, as a gentlewoman’s servant near Newry, was drawing a Pullet, she found in it a soft egg and a live bird therein, and brought it to her mistress who cut the egg, and took out the bird alive in presence of severals.

LONDON, May 17.

The trustees of the infirmary in James’s-Street, Westminster, lately pass’d a law, prohibiting the admission of venereal patients, as having no right to any part of the money given in tust [sic] for benefit of industrious laborious sick and needy people, for whom the charity was originally intended.

This is to give NOTICE

THAT the Jane and DRAPER, William Hamilton Master, will sail from Belfast or London, on the 6th of June next, Wind and Weather permitting; if not, the said William Hamilton does hereby oblige himself to deliver his Cargo in London, the Danger of the Seas excepted, without receiving any Freight. Therefore, all Persons, who intend sending any Goods by said Ship, must ship them on or before Monday, the 4th Day of June, as the said Master myst clear at the Custom House on the 5th, so as to sail on the said 6th of June; the said William Hamilton having apply’d to most of the exporting Linen-Drapers in the Country, who have fix’d the said Day. Witness my Hand at Belfast this 2nd Day of May, 1739. WILLIAM HAMILTON.