Road racing star Davy Morgan gets a fitting send-off at funeral in Co Down

Champion road racer Davy Morgan received the “kind of send-off he would have appreciated” for his funeral in Co Down on Tuesday.

By Niall Deeney
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 6:13 pm
Davy Morgan’s remains make their way through Saintfield in Co Down
Davy Morgan’s remains make their way through Saintfield in Co Down

The 52-year-old died following a crash at the Isle of Man TT earlier this month.

There was a guard of honour by members of the road racing fraternity, with chequered flags flown as his remains made their way to First Saintfield Presbyterian Church for his funeral.

In a moving service, friend and mechanic with DB71 Road Racing David Wilson paid tribute to the 52-year-old motorsports star.

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There were prayers, too, for the family of Jack Oliver, a 22-year-old from Limavady in Co Londonderry described as a “rising star” of road racing, who died following an accident at a racing event in Kells, Co Meath on Sunday.

Mr Wilson, fighting back tears, addressed mourners at First Saintfield saying: “I just want to start by sending condolences, on behalf of DM71 Road Racing, to the family of Jack Oliver who sadly lost his life while racing in Kells at the weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they deal with their loss and pain. It is not a nice place to be.”

He continued: “On behalf of Trudy, Lorraine, the family and DM71 Road Racing we have a number of thank-yous that we want to make publicly. There are many, many more we have already done and continue to do privately.”

On behalf of the family, Mr Wilson thanked those who helped get Mr Morgan’s remains home, medics, those in the racing fraternity at the Isle of Man TT who helped, and those who helped “escort Davy home for the last time”. He also thanked those who had helped give “Davy the kind of send-off he would have appreciated”.

Paying tribute to his friend, he said: “Davy loved playing pool. He also enjoyed his football, in particular Liverpool who his father had taken him to see on many occasions as a boy growing up.

“Above these interests he had two passions in his life. His partner, Trudy, and their dogs.

“As everybody knows his second passion was road racing. Many a night in the truck at fields across Ireland and the Isle of Man he would talk about Trudy and their dogs the way I would talk about Gillian and our children. It was quite obvious that Trudy and the dogs were very much part of him and were loved by him.”

On his racing career, he said: “Davy Morgan the road racer, we are all well aware of his achievements. Real road racing is special. It has a way of creating friendships and camaraderie that nothing in the world can replicate. That, along with the sheer joy of racing, is why Davy Morgan loved it.”

Following the service, Mr Morgan’s remains were interred in the adjoining churchyard.