Planned beach booze-up halted by PSNI over teen safety

Image from PSNI Craigavon Facebook
Image from PSNI Craigavon Facebook
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Police have moved to stop teenagers doing potential damage to themselves by stopping a booze cruise to a beach.

A post on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page says: "A big shout out to the Lurgan crew who sorted our PSNI World Cup Swedish fan zone out in one swift move last night."

The post - made live on Saturday at 9am - adds: "This was the haul after a concerned parent got in touch to tell us about a planned bus trip to a beach last night. "Anti banter" you may say, but think of it this way... Teenagers + the dark + the sea + a load of drink = potentially really bad craic and death. So...we sent our guys down to the buses."

It adds that the teenagers reacted to their intervention "100%" and there were "no issues at all, but there's still the issue of underage drinking and safeguarding to attend to, which we did".