Police attacked with bricks after 30 are involved in Londonderry street fight

Around 30 people were involved in a fight on a street in Londonderry in the early hours of this morning, police have said.

The incident happened at around 4am in the Westland Street area of the city and when the PSNI went to investigate they were attacked with bricks and other items.

Three men, aged 16, 29 and 32, were arrested.

In a statement, Detective Sergeant Michelle Boyd said: “At around 4am this morning police were called to a fight outside a block of flats. It’s understood that a short time earlier a male had entered one of the flats uninvited and had been escorted out by four males who were inside. It’s understood about a dozen other people remained inside the flat.

“Once out on the street a fight broke out with other people, including those who had previously remained inside the flat, becoming involved. It’s thought that around 30 people were involved.

“All of the individuals who had originally been in the flat managed to make their way back inside. Attempts were then made by the others to gain entry and a number of windows were smashed.

“Upon arrival in Westland Street police officers were attacked with bricks and other items however no officers sustained any serious injuries.”

The three men arrested currently remain in custody.