Police clampdown at top Ulster shopping centre

Rushmere Shopping Centre.
Rushmere Shopping Centre.

The police have pledged to clamp down on “random and illegal parking” at one of Ulster’s shopping centres.

The PSNI are calling for motorists to stick to parking and traffic restrictions at Rushmere in Craigavon.

They have identified motorists who are “abandoning their vehicles at random and illegal spots, causing added chaos and stress for others”.

The PSNI said it has been made aware of cars breaching no entry and no parking signs at the bus loop to the rear of Rushmere.

This is causing considerable obstruction for vehicles which need to use this space and also pedestrians who use the area to board buses and taxis.

Sergeant Alwyn Peters explained: “The bus loop at the rear of Rushmere accommodates buses, taxis and lorries which are unloading goods.

“There are clear signs to indicate that there is no entry for cars and no parking however a number of motorists are parking in this area.

“An area to the left of the bus loop is also being used to park vehicles which means that pedestrians are walking through the bus loop area, putting themselves at risk of injury as lorries and buses try to manoeuvre through the loop.

“We expect traffic around the shopping centre to increase as the Christmas shopping season commences and we do not want to see anyone injured through a road traffic collision that could be prevented.

“We are asking you all to pay attention to the restrictions in place and keep our roads safe. Over the coming weeks we will be conducting regular patrols of the area and enforcing legislation in relation to these restrictions. Free car parking is widely available to the front of Rushmere Shopping Centre and an overflow carpark open at Marlborough House on Saturday and Sundays with a free shuttle service to the Shopping Centre.”