Police come under petrol bomb attack in east Belfast

An example of a petrol bomb exploding
An example of a petrol bomb exploding

Three petrol bombs were thrown at a police vehicle on Thursday night.

It happened just before after 8pm in the St Patrick’s Walk area of east Belfast

There were no reports of any injuries or damage to the vehicle.

A number of items were seized for examination.

Chief Inspector David Moore said: “St Patrick’s Walk is very obviously a residential area in the heart of a community.

“People live there and children play there.

“Throwing a petrol bomb for any reason is mindless and those responsible simply need to understand that they are lethal.

““Police will be doing all that they can to identify those responsible.”

St Patrick’s Walk stands on the loyalist lower Newtownards Road, next to Pitt Park.

The area stands close to the republican Short Strand.