Police commander ‘encouraged’ after peaceful Whiterock parade

The annual Whiterock Orange Order parade passes off peacefully
The annual Whiterock Orange Order parade passes off peacefully

A police commander has said he has been “encouraged” by the “calm and peaceful manner” of the Whiterock Parade on Saturday.

Following the west Belfast parade Belfast City District Commander, Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said: “We had a significant policing operation in place to ensure the event passed off successfully.

“I was encouraged by the calm and peaceful way in which the parade and associated protests were conducted. I want to commend those involved for their efforts in ensuring the day was a success.”

Chief Superintendent Grimshaw said he wanted to “continue to encourage those with influence in any future parades and protests to work together with the police to ensure that the end result is as positive and peaceful as we have witnessed over recent weeks”.

The Orange Order expressed anger during the week about Parades Commission restrictions on the annual parade in west Belfast.

The commission limited the number of participants who were allowed to pass a contentious area of the Springfield Road.

A nationalist protest was held as the march made its way through the area on Saturday.