Police dive into water to save woman in Belfast

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Two police officers dived into the water to save a woman’s life on Sunday night at the Odyssey Pavilion.

The female was recovered by a PSNI officer and a Harbour Police officer who took the initiative to enter the water while emergency services made their way to the scene at around 10pm last night.

Portaferry Coastguard, who had been called to back up the team in Belfast posted on Facebook: “While on route to Belfast the call came to stand down and return to Portaferry due to the female being recovered from the water by two brave Police Service of Northern Ireland officers who entered the water to save her.

“Bangor Coastguard Rescue Team, Lagan Search & Rescue, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service & Northern Ireland Ambulance Service also attended the scene.”

They added: “The quick thinking of the two Police Officers made this incident a good outcome, well done.”

The woman was rescued and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Inspector Darren Hardy said: “A PSNI Officer and Harbour Police Officer entered the water to rescue the woman.

“I commend the brave actions of these officers in ensuring the safety of the member of public and would like to go on record and thank them publically.

“I work every day with officers who are committed and proud to do their job which has a very important role in society. This is an excellent example of this commitment which resulted in a young woman’s life being saved last night.”