In 1998 politicians tried... but failed

Jim Allister of the TUV may be the only sane man left in Ulster with one or two others who can see the wood from the trees.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th April 2018, 1:00 am
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 1:46 pm
Copies of the Belfast Agreement.
Copies of the Belfast Agreement.

He is right when he says the 20th anniversary Belfast Agreement/Good Friday Agreement (BA/GFA) commemorations are a “celebration of failure”.

Who could doubt that with the collapse of the Executive and the problems which have occurred?

He also is right in saying that the Agreement facilitated the release of terrorists. Who could doubt that either?

Letters to Editor

Yes, indeed, the terrorists have been released but the dividend has not been sustainable peace or political success.

PSNI chief George Hamilton is not convinced given what he has seen on the ground, away from the bright lights, cameras, and microphones.

Gregory Campbell’s recent statement hit the nail right on the head (I’m glad I fought against Belfast Agreement, Letters, April 9); the BA/GFA came after ceasefires which came about four years before it was signed.

Terrorists have been very much in the driving seat of the so-called peace process and still are in many respects, with ongoing concerns about their activity and splits in their ranks.

Letters to Editor

The re-writing of history has also been going with the ill-fated St Andrew’s Agreement praising it and lauding it at the recent gathering of aging, jaded, and worn out politicians — a subsequent agreement which has brought about a collapse of the BA/GFA, coupled with Sinn Féin’s refusal to appoint a First Minister following the Brexit decision.

We can try all we want to delude ourselves into believing that progress has been made, or accept the hard fact that failure has resulted.

So what we had on Tuesday the April 10 was a tribute to politicians who tried and failed.

Time is the herald of truth and it tells us that Stormont is heading for another full year of suspension.

These are the facts: Stormont is indefinitely suspended; questionable statements are being made by paramilitary organisations; Brexit is coming up fast. Not a lot of success around one has to say.

The sobering truth may not give us optimism — but it is the truth nonetheless.

Maurice Fitzgerald, Shanbally, Co Cork