Allister draws vast Sinn Fein donation to attention of National Crime Agency

Jim Allister
Jim Allister
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The vast donation to Sinn Féin has been drawn to the attention of the National Crime Agency, it has emerged.

TUV leader Jim Allister has written to NCA Director General Lynne Owens to ask about the donation, which is ultimately likely to be about £2.5 million.

Last week Sinn Féin objected to questions about the source of the funding and highlighted that the Electoral Commission has given the donation a clean bill of health.

Mr Allister said in the letter: “I write to enquire if the NCA has enquired into the assets accumulated on a worldwide basis to the net extent of £2,596,080.00 in respect of the above estate in which the testator, at the time of making his will, was of ‘no fixed abode’ and by occupation has been described as a ‘motor mechanic’.”

He went on: “As appears from the said Will, apart from specific bequests of £8,000, all of the above residue is gifted to Sinn Fein, with prominent Sinn Fein personnel named as executors, who in turn will have applied for Probate.

“At or about the time when the will was made the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was on record as describing Sinn Fein as being ‘inextricably linked’ with the IRA.

“In circumstances where decades of illegal activity, including bank robberies, accumulated ill gotten gains for the IRA, I’d expect the NCA to be interested as to how such ‘assets’ might be laundered. Is the Agency satisfied there is nothing untoward in respect of the aforesaid enrichment of Sinn Fein?”