Anger over further parade restrictions on Twelfth

UUP councillor Robert Foster
UUP councillor Robert Foster
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An Ulster Unionist councillor has branded the Parades Commission’s decision to prohibit an Orange lodge from marching on a north Belfast road on the Twelfth as “ludicrous”.

Cavehill Temperance LOL 1956 has been prevented from “assembling on, or processing any part of the Cavehill Road”.

The move comes after the commission came under fire last week when it decided to ban two Belfast lodges from a stretch of the nationalist Springfield Road in west Belfast.

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Newtownabbey Councillor Robert Foster said: “Has the Parades Commission now deemed the Cavehill Road to be a nationalist area? It is very hard to share a future if you are denied the right to express your culture in shared areas.

“If the Parades Commission wants to restrict expressions of Orange culture to totally unionist areas then they need to come and say so, because the creation of ghettos runs contrary to the concept of a shared future and the Government policy of building a united community.

“As I said last week in relation to the Springfield Road parade, a shared future – by any reasonable definition - means that Orange parades should be facilitated not prevented. The Orange Order is part of the rich history of Belfast, and the fact the Parades Commission cannot accept that, is just another reason why its abolition cannot come soon enough.”