Corbyn tells supporters to stop booing journalist after immigration question

Jeremy Corbyn was forced to tell supporters at Labour's manifesto launch to stop booing a journalist after he asked a question about immigration.

Andy Bell, political editor of Channel 5 News, was booed by the crowd when he asked Mr Corbyn whether it would be good for the country if immigration levels came down.

But the Labour leader intervened and revealed he was a member of the journalists’ union: “No, no, no let’s have respect for everyone who wants to ask a question, including members of the media, by the way I’m a member of the NUJ.”

There were also huge cheers from the crowd after Peter Lazenby from the left-wing Morning Star newspaper asked whether “anything can be done about the shockingly biased media”.

Mr Corbyn strongly defended journalists, saying a free press was “intrinsic to a democracy and a free society” but said Labour would try to ensure a balanced media if it wins power.

Mirror political editor Jack Blanchard was also on the receiving end of isolated boos when he asked why Labour’s policies were popular but Mr Corbyn was not.

A woman then shouted “we love you Jeremy”, before the Labour leader intervened: “It’s not the cult of personality, don’t worry about it.”

Mr Corbyn said he wanted “diversity” in the media, with “responsible journalism” and a “multiplicity of ownership”.

“We will protect the diversity of our free press, and we will ensure that there is diversity of all of our media outlets in this country so that everybody can take an informed opinion,” he said.