Danny Kennedy: second referendum would polarise and damage democracy

The UUP's Danny Kennedy has called for a 'sensible' Brexit. ''Picture Matt Mackey / Press Eye.
The UUP's Danny Kennedy has called for a 'sensible' Brexit. ''Picture Matt Mackey / Press Eye.
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The UUP’s European election Candidate Danny Kennedy has come out strongly against a second Brexit referendum.

Instead, the former Stormont minister said, people should work together to deliver a sensible Brexit, end uncertainty and deliver stability.

Setting out his stall ahead of the election on 23 May, he said: “We are at a critical juncture in the history of politics across the United Kingdom.

“The last thing that our country needs is a second referendum which would be incredibly polarising and damaging to people’s faith in our democratic system. The consequences of it might only deepen division in Great Britain and Northern Ireland in particular. What happens if the people of the UK confirm again that they want to leave? Do those unhappy with it keep going until they get the result they want? Or what if the result is reversed so that it is 52-48 in favour of remain? Those who voted leave will rightly call for another referendum. The bottom line is, no more referendums.

“Instead we need to take a common sense approach. We need stability and an end to uncertainty. We should respect the result of the 2016 referendum and work to deliver a sensible Brexit which doesn’t undermine the economic and constitutional integrity of the UK and creates the opportunity for a positive trading relationship with our European neighbours.”

Mr Kennedy said the signing of a deal between the UK and Irish governments last week to preserve the Common Travel Area between the two demonstrates that where there is political will and common sense, there is a way to reach agreement.

“Others scare mongered that the Common Travel Area would be done away with because of Brexit,” he added.

“Last week’s deal signed between two sovereign governments proved that scare story to be totally untrue.”