Former grand master standing for election

The former head of the Orange Order in Scotland should abide by Labour values if he is to run as a candidate in May’s council elections, Labour’s Scottish leader Anas Sarwar has said.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th March 2022, 8:20 am

Henry Dunbar, who was previously the grand master of the organisation, will stand for the party in the Airdrie North ward on North Lanarkshire Council.

Mr Dunbar previously was quoted telling The Herald newspaper that the Labour party was “ all about equality and fairness” which was “sadly lacking in politics at the minute”.

He added: “The Orange Order as an institution doesn’t really get involved in politics.

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Henry Dunbar Is standing in Scotland's council elections in May

“They don’t tell their members what to vote, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest to the members that they vote for me. They take me on my merit.

“I believe I can do a good job for the constituents of the Airdrie North area.”

Speaking to journalists on the final day of his first in-person conference as leader, Mr Sarwar said: “He has the support of his local party. I expect him to abide by those values and I would hope that not only does he abide by those values, but he expresses horror and outrage at any form of prejudice or hate, and that’s what I would expect from all of our candidates ...

“There can be no hierarchy of prejudice – we can’t pick and choose – and therefore we can only credibly change our country if we accept, yes, Islamophobia exists, yes, racism exists, yes, homophobia exists, but anti-Catholic hatred exists too.

“For too many people that is a real experience.

“I am robust on that – anybody that breaches those principles, I will not be willing to tolerate.”