This has gone viral - UKIP interim leader Pat Mountain's 'cringeworthy car crash' interview with Sky News' Adam Boulton

The performance of UKIP interim leader, Pat Mountain, in an interview with Sky News presenter, Adam Boulton, has been widely criticised and ridiculed.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 11:57 am

Ms. Mountain, who replaced Richard Braine after a mere two months in charge, appeared on Sky News with Adam Boulton on Monday morning.

Mr. Boulton quizzed Ms. Mountain on where UKIP candidates were standing for election and about the party's links with convicted convicted criminal Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (a.k.a. Tommy Robinson).

Ms. Mountain was giving an answer to a question concerning Yaxley-Lennon when she accidentally admitted UKIP was a racist party.

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"There are some people in the party who are sympathetic with the predicament that Tommy Robinson is in

"But unlike other parties, you know, because of his association with other racist parties... well not other racist parties... well racist parties...," said Ms. Mountain.

Ms. Mountain was also asked for details on where UKIP is standing candidates in the general election on December 12, 2019.

"I don't know all 44, I am afraid," said Ms. Mountain.

"Tell us your key targets," said Adam Boulton.

"Well, our key targets... I really don't know that either I'm afraid because it's all been left to Freddy," replied Ms. Mountain.

Ms. Mountain also stated she objected to the inclusion of the "European Courts of Justice" and "open borders".

"What do you object to?," asked Adam Boulton.

Interim leader of UKIP, Pat Mountain.

"I object to most of it - being under the jurisdiction of the European Courts of Justice is the main thing and open borders - we don't want that," replied Ms. Mountain.

"None of those are included actually in the Brexit deal as it now stands which you are rejecting."

"We don't believe that that is a clean Brexit, we do not want to trade under European laws, we don't want to be part of Europe at all, not Europe, the EU."

Clips of the disastrous interview went viral on social media before Ms. Mountain had even finished.

"Please do yourself a favour," Tweeted Daily Mirror political correspondent, Mikey Smith.

"Go to sky news on YouTube and rewind to Adam Boulton’s interview with interim UKIP leader Pat Mountain about 20 minutes ago. It’s glorious."

One member of the public commented on Ms. Mountain's display by describing it as "the most cringeworthy car crash invterview I have ever seen".