IRA fuel probe: Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy’s network of 21 criminals

The Irish Criminal Assets Bureau says it seized £1m from 21 people in a network of high-end technology companies, international fraudsters, drug dealers and burglars during its probe into south Armagh IRA chief Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 8:06 pm
Alleged former IRA chief Thomas 'Slab' Murphy
Alleged former IRA chief Thomas 'Slab' Murphy

CAB’s newly released annual report reveals that an eclectic mix of criminals were targeted.

The CAB regarded Murphy as heading “an organised crime gang”. Furthermore, while the initial orders granted by the High Court to the CAB to freeze the assets linked to the gang related to £474,000 in bank accounts, some £1m was seized from the network of people involved, the Irish Times reported.

The gang bought green diesel from oil companies and then laundered it – by washing the green marker out – and sold it via “buffer companies” as high-priced non-rebated fuel for profit.