Jim Allister: If Stormont cannot be reformed then government should return to the only other place it can '” London

Mindless demands for the return of that which has failed, and will always fail, serves no useful purpose.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 7:19 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:17 pm

There is one very simple reason why these Stormont will never work — courtesy of mandatory coalition they depend on the grace and favour of Sinn Fein and since Sinn Fein does not want Northern Ireland to work, any system dependent for its operation on them will never work.


So foolishly calling for the return of failure, rather than demanding the root and branch change necessary to enable Stormont to work, is empty headed.

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As we surpass Belgium for lack of government, it’s well past time for Westminster action.

The first duty of government is to govern, yet Her Majesty’s Government fiddles while administration logjams.

If Stormont can’t be reformed into a system of workable devolution, then it’s time to move on and give us government from the only other place it can come from, London. Enough is enough!

Jim Allister, TUV leader