John Bercow: This was the moment fellow Conservative MPs refused the Speaker of the House of Commons a standing ovation

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The vast majority of Conservative party M.P.s remained seated and refused to clap after fellow party member and Speaker of the House Commons, John Bercow, announced his decision to stand down next month.

Mr. Bercow has been a Conservative party M.P. the constituency from Buckingham since 1997.

The 56 year-old said he made a promise to his wife and three children that the 2017 general election would be his last.

Mr. Bercow described his 10 years as Speaker of the House of Commons as the "greatest honour" of his professional life.

The Labour party, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party honoured Mr. Bercow with a standing ovation however the majority of his fellow Conservative party M.P.s remained seated with some of them even refusing to clap.

Mr. Bercow is an unpopular figure for many Conservatives who, in the event of no new offer from the European Union, support prime minister Boris Johnson's intention to take the U.K. out of the E.U. with no deal.

Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, described Mr. Bercow as a "superb speaker