‘No incidents’ at republican parade in Carnlough

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Police have confirmed that a republican parade held in Carnlough on Saturday afternoon has passed off peacefully.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “No incidents have been reported to police at this time.”

Speaking ahead of the event, DUP MLA David Hilditch MLA said: “It will be interesting to see the approach the PSNI take to this parade after the disproportionate, heavy-handed tactics we seen in Londonderry last weekend.”

According to the Parades Commission, 1,000 participants and 500 supporters were expected to take part in the parade organised by North Antrim Martyrs Republican Flute Band.

Guest speaker was Cait Traynor, who describes herself as a “traditional Irish Republican, activist and campaigner”.

Cait said she believed that the “permanent establishment of the Irish Republic is the only way in which the Irish people will ever know true peace”.

Speaking during the week of the 50th anniversary of the start of “The Troubles”, she stated: “Regardless of prosecutions or concessions, we know all too well, that there can never be peace in Ireland until every last vestige of British rule is removed, reforms, concessions and tokenism is not something that can bring peace, it brushes the main reason there has ever been trouble in Ireland under the carpet.”