Platform: Vote DUP

Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson

The UK is heading for a hung Parliament with no single party able to command a majority in the House of Commons.

That means MPs from Northern Ireland could have real influence after the election.



Only the DUP team of MPs will be big enough and strong enough to negotiate a good deal.

Sinn Fein doesn’t even go to Westminster and the other parties are too small to matter.

We have published our Northern Ireland Plan detailing what we would seek to achieve in any negotiations which follow the General Election.

With enough MPs we could make a real difference to the lives of people who live here.

After this election it looks likely there will be a significant increase in the number of SNP MPs elected in Scotland.

That’s why it is more important than ever that Northern Ireland elects a strong team of unionist MPs as a counterbalance.

On Thursday remember, more votes for the DUP means more seats for the DUP, which means more influence for Northern Ireland.