Platform: Vote Ukip

David McNarry
David McNarry

For years you have been taken for granted by the same tired, old, bitter local parties.

UKIP can change that.



You deserve better representation.

Our message works.

It has caught fire with the people’s mood for change and terrifies the establishment.

We want our country back, control of our borders and freedom to express our right to self-determination.

We are British, not Europeans.

Uncontrolled immigration is worrying everyone.

Paying for benefit and health tourists with millions more spent on interpreters, making demands on school places and on housing plus rampant criminality are alarming expenses we cannot afford.

You are working longer to pay for all this.

UKIP are in the vanguard of protecting our British way of life.

If you believe that we can make our own laws, be fiscally responsible and reduce our national debt without leaving our children and grandchildren to pick up the cost, then UKIP is the party for you.