RHI Scandal

RHI boilers running far less after subsidies slashed

There has been a huge drop in the number of hours which RHI boilers are being run since the retrospective cut in subsidies, auditors have found.

David Mark, pictured at the Balmoral Show in 2015, and his wife claimed �9,236 in a 16-month period

Moy Park manager David Mark has RHI boiler at his home

Senior Moy Park manager David Mark’s witness statement reveals that just weeks before cost controls were introduced on the scheme he installed a non-domestic boiler which heats his home.

David Mark spent most of yesterday giving evidence to the RHI Inquiry

Moy Park linked to half a billion pounds of RHI claims

The firm which supplies 30% of all UK chicken knew early on that Stormont’s RHI scheme was open to abuse because it was ultra-lucrative and entirely uncapped, the public inquiry into the cash for ash scandal has been told.


RHI inquiry: DUP interference in reining in costs was unprecedented, says official

One of Stormont’s most senior civil servants has said that some of the behaviour of senior DUP figures during attempts to rein in and then close the RHI scheme was unprecedented in his experience.


RHI inquiry: Top civil servant recalls ‘day of complete dismay’

One of the most senior civil servants involved in the attempts to rein in the RHI scheme has rejected suggestions that Stormont only panicked because it realised the bill wasn’t being paid from London.


McDonald drops SF’s RHI ‘red line’, opening route for Foster’s return

Mary Lou McDonald has made clear that Sinn Fein has dropped its “red line” demand that Arlene Foster cannot be first minister while under investigation by the RHI Inquiry.

Tom Forgrave yesterday told the RHI Inquiry that as of today all the financial benefits of RHI have gone to Moy Park, not the farmers

Revealed: How RHI money went to farmers - but ultimately benefited Moy Park

One of Europe’s biggest poultry processors which has a near monopoly in Northern Ireland has effectively been receiving a backdoor subsidy from taxpayers via the RHI scheme, it has been revealed.


‘Info on RHI was being leaked to people who would benefit’

By the time Stormont was desperately attempting to close its RHI scheme in February 2016, boiler installers and others with a vested interest in the subsidy seemed to know more about what was to happen than the officials running the scheme, a senior civil servant has said.

Stuart Wightman faced a detailed scrutiny of his actions and will return to the RHI Inquiry today

Top civil servants removed stark warning to Bell about RHI crisis

Many of the most senior civil servants in the Stormont department running the RHI scheme were involved in watering down what ought to have been a blunt warning that the RHI scheme was out of control.


Proposed cuts to RHI rates would see underspend

Plans to rein in the RHI scheme could see subsidies cut so radically that Stormont will go from a huge overspend of the available money from Treasury to a significant underspend, allowing it to reopen the scheme in another form.

Civil servant  Stuart Wightman was overseeing the running of the RHI scheme in 2015

Firm got 11 RHI boilers in 19 days

A company managed to install 11 RHI boilers in 19 days after indirectly getting inside information from Stormont that the lucrative rates were to be cut, it has been revealed.

Edmund Ward from Ofgem was pressed about how audits were carried out on behalf of Ofgem

RHI inquiry: Not a single unannounced audit of a boiler before 2016 scandal

There wasn’t a single unannounced audit of an RHI boiler before the year in which the cash for ash scandal became public, it has been revealed.

Stephen Brimstone giving evidence to an Assembly committee investigating his actions in relation to the firm Red Sky

RHI inquiry: DUP Spad called official to ask about installing boiler

One of the two civil servants overseeing the RHI scheme has recounted the moment when a controversial DUP special advisor rang him to inquire about the possibility of getting a boiler registered on the scheme.

Jonathan Bell and Timothy Cairns

RHI Inquiry: Internal DUP row ‘began in curry house, then erupted at breakfast’

The DUP minister overseeing the RHI scheme as it imploded had a dysfunctional relationship with his key party-appointed adviser, culminating in an explosive dispute at the point when there ought to have been urgent action to rein in the scheme, it has been revealed.

Andrew Crawford said that Gareth Robinson (left) got preferential treatment because of his father Peter (right)

Spad tells RHI inquiry: Peter Robinson’s son given preferential treatment by Stormont

The lobbyist son of the then first minister of Northern Ireland received preferential treatment by Stormont because of who his father is, a former DUP Spad has said.


Foster’s ex-Spad got £34,000 golden handshake after he ‘quit to work for DUP’

Arlene Foster’s former special advisor gave his department a different explanation for his resignation than the one which he gave to the public – allowing him to get a £34,000 golden handshake, it can be revealed.

Elaine Dolan told the RHI inquiry that it was ultimately her responsibility that an auditor had not identified problems with RHI

RHI inquiry: Civil servant praised for taking personal responsibility

A civil servant has been publicly praised for accepting personal responsibility for one of the multiple failures which may have contributed to the cash for ash scandal.

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster giving evidence during an inquiry into Stormont's botched green energy scheme.

RHI: I did not prevent note-taking over flawed green energy scheme, says Arlene Foster

A claim that records were not taken of official Stormont meetings in case they were later released to the public is nonsense, Arlene Foster has said.

Andrew Crawford insisted that his cousin did not benefit from what he had been sent

RHI inquiry: Spad says sorry for sending paper to relative

Arlene Foster’s long-standing advisor has publicly apologised for sending a confidential government document about the RHI scheme to a relative.

Arlene Foster at the RHI hearing

Big mistakes in cash for ash admits Foster – but not by her

In a long-anticipated appearance before the public inquiry into the ‘cash for ash’ scandal, Arlene Foster has said that she did nothing wrong but there were failures by other people.

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