RHI Scandal

RHI inquiry: Civil servant praised for taking personal responsibility

A civil servant has been publicly praised for accepting personal responsibility for one of the multiple failures which may have contributed to the cash for ash scandal.

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster giving evidence during an inquiry into Stormont's botched green energy scheme.

RHI: I did not prevent note-taking over flawed green energy scheme, says Arlene Foster

A claim that records were not taken of official Stormont meetings in case they were later released to the public is nonsense, Arlene Foster has said.

Andrew Crawford insisted that his cousin did not benefit from what he had been sent

RHI inquiry: Spad says sorry for sending paper to relative

Arlene Foster’s long-standing advisor has publicly apologised for sending a confidential government document about the RHI scheme to a relative.

Arlene Foster at the RHI hearing

Big mistakes in cash for ash admits Foster – but not by her

In a long-anticipated appearance before the public inquiry into the ‘cash for ash’ scandal, Arlene Foster has said that she did nothing wrong but there were failures by other people.

DUP Leader Arlene Foster during the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) public inquiry at Stormont Parliament Buildings.

Arlene Foster at RHI inquiry: DUP leader defends role over botched green energy scheme

Democratic Unionist leader Arlene Foster has defended her role in Stormont's botched green energy scheme as she appeared before a public inquiry.

Politics by Post-it: how Foster and      advisor operated

Politics by Post-it: how Foster and advisor operated

Arlene Foster and her closest ministerial advisor developed a system of making political comment on Post-it notes which were immediately destroyed, the public inquiry into the RHI scandal has been told.


Foster Spad admits RHI ‘inappropriate behaviour’

Arlene Foster’s longstanding special adviser has admitted “inappropriate behaviour” after the revelation that he forwarded confidential ministerial submissions about looming RHI cost controls to relatives with an interest in the scheme.

John Mills

RHI official retracts Foster claim

A top civil servant who claimed Arlene Foster had personally prioritised expanding the RHI scheme over the introduction of cost controls has retracted that evidence, saying he now believes she never made that explicit decision.


Paisley demands apology for RHI inquiry ‘lies’

Ian Paisley has used Parliamentary privilege to demand that the retired judge chairing the public inquiry into the RHI scandal apologise to him for “putting words in the mouth of a witness”.


RHI inquiry: officials went along with DUP-SF secrecy in Executive

Senior civil servants broke their own rules to acquiesce in the DUP and Sinn Fein’s desire for secrecy during their time in government, the head of the civil service has said.

David Thomson

No conscious decision to put off RHI cost controls, says official

A top civil servant has said he does not believe there was any conscious decision to delay the introduction of cost controls on the RHI scheme in the year before it ran out of control.

The inquiry is scrutinising the RHI scheme's perverse incentive

Senior official: We knew RHI subsidy was above cost of fuel

One of the most senior officials working under Arlene Foster has accepted that her department knew that the cost of biomass fuel was less than the RHI subsidy being paid but that they failed to realise the significance of that information.

DUP leader Arlene Foster

Judge brings forward Foster appearance at RHI inquiry

Arlene Foster is to be called to give evidence to the RHI inquiry much earlier than previously planned, the retired judge chairing the investigation has said.


Attempt to reinstate lucrative ‘cash for ash’ RHI tariffs dismissed by High Court judge

The High Court has comprehensively dismissed an attempt to reinstate the lucrative tariffs on the ‘cash for ash’ scheme in Northern Ireland.
Fiona Hepper giving evidence to the RHI inquiry yesterday at Stormont

RHI inquiry: senior official admits basic gaffes now ‘don’t look too clever’

A senior civil servant who initially claimed that her team had “probed the evidence” before deciding on the creation of the RHI scheme has admitted that missing mathematical tables whose sums don’t add up and a subsidy higher than the cost of fuel now “doesn’t look too clever”.

Peter Hutchinson

Key official in set up of RHI was put forward for bonuses due to work

The civil servant who was the most involved in the setting up of the RHI scheme was working so hard that he was recommended for bonuses, the public inquiry into the RHI scandal has heard.

Donal Lunny, junior counsel to the inquiry, speaking during yesterday's hearing

Major consultancy paid £100k to advise on RHI made basic error

A leading economic consultancy which regularly does work for governments around the world contributed to the ‘cash for ash’ scandal by a basic error which “the man in the street” would have realised was significant, a public inquiry has been told.

RHI inquiry chairman Sir Patrick Coghlin, centre, with panel member Dame Una O'Brien and Dr Keith MacClean, the inquiry's technical assessor

As one Stormont department tried to rein in RHI, another marketed it

The chairman of the public inquiry into the RHI scandal has expressed surprise that officials in one Stormont department were promoting the disastrous scheme months after officials in another Stormont department had started trying to rein it in.


Sam McBride: RHI Inquiry will impact on entire Stormont edifice

Just four days into the RHI public inquiry, it is clear that this process will have profound implications – not just for Arlene Foster and for the DUP, but for the entire nature of government in Northern Ireland and whether devolution returns.

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