Tennyson accuses DUP of ‘gambling with our futures’

Alliance Party candidate for Westminster, Eóin Tennyson, has accused the DUP of gambling ‘with our futures’ in relation to Brexit.

Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 12:34 pm
Eóin Tennyson who is standing as an Alliance Party candidate in the 2019 Westminster election

Mr Tennyson said: “The EU has provided us with huge economic opportunities, brought nations and communities together, and underpinned peace. Nowhere has it done that more than right here in NI.

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“Brexit has paralysed our politics, placed jobs at risk and threatened the stability of our community. It risks not only our place in Europe, but also the wider world, and with it our ability to respond to global challenges like climate change, peace and security, poverty and migration.

“Yet, over the past few years the DUP have chased a reckless hard Brexit, gambled with our futures, and ignored the business community, farming and civic society. That’s why its so important that we send MPs to Westminster who will stand up for NI, our economy, the Good Friday Agreement and our future opportunities.

“I want to work towards a NI that is more united, shared and integrated; one where individual rights and freedoms are respected – a NI that looks outward and forward as opposed to inward and back.”