Presenter Stephen Nolan reacts to departing 5 Live's Question Time programme

Presenter Stephen Nolan has said he will be grateful of a little more 'me time' after it was announced he is to be replaced on BBC's Question Time Extra Time programme.

BBC broadcaster Stephen Nolan
BBC broadcaster Stephen Nolan

In an email leaked to the media in Northern Ireland details were revealed of changes within BBC Radio 5 Live.

A spokesperson from 5 Live confirmed that Mr Nolan would be replaced by Adrian Chiles for Question Time Extra Time on Thursday nights.

Mr Nolan will continue to host his 5 Live show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, and the programmer said they were also exploring other projects with Mr Nolan.

The 44-year-old Belfast-born presenter told the News Letter: “I said publicly back in August that I had decisions to make as I want a better work life balance than my current 7 day a week schedule is allowing me to have.

“I need a little bit more ‘me time’ and yet I am in a very flattering position that I have a range of options from broadcasters.”

He added: “Up until now, I’ve just kept piling the work on top of more work but unless I start staying awake overnight, I’m at maximum capacity now.

The Nolan Ulster Radio Show, the 5Live Nolan Show, The Nolan Live television show and The Top Table are each massive projects in themselves and I’m in talks with the controller of 5Live about a new politics format for his network on top of all that .

“I guess I just want to live a bit in 2018 as well.”