Pro-cannabis party gets broadcast

Glenn Donnelly
Glenn Donnelly

A controversial pro-cannabis political broadcast has been aired in Northern Ireland.

The Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party (CISTA) qualified for the groundbreaking broadcast because it is standing four candidates in Northern Ireland.

First Minister Peter Robinson has criticised the decision to allow the party election broadcast.

The film – which is less than five minutes in length – argued for a Royal Commission to investigate the current drug laws.

It focussed on arguments for decriminalising cannabis for medicinal use, rather than for wider social use.

An anonymous cannabis user whose features were obscured during the broadcast said: “I have a dream — that the Government will respect my choice as an adult to consume marijuana rather than opiate-based painkillers.”

Paul Birch, the founder and funder of CISTA, said: “We’ve had a regulated alcohol market in the UK for hundreds of years. We need a regulated cannabis market for people’s health and well-being.”