Probe into 1982 IRA murder of UDR man hailed

Lexie Cummings was murdered as he left the shop where he worked
Lexie Cummings was murdered as he left the shop where he worked

Unionist politicians have warmly greeted news that police are to take a fresh look at a decades-old murder of a UDR man.

Lexie Cummings died on June 15, 1982, after being shot by the IRA in Strabane, and police yesterday confirmed that the case is now being re-examined.

The book Lost Lives, a compendium of Troubles deaths, records that the victim had been leaving a menswear shop where he worked for his lunchbreak when he was gunned down.

It adds that the 39-year-old was a member of the Orange Order, Apprentice Boys and the Royal Black Preceptory.

The DUP said yesterday the latest news emerged during a meeting between DUP figures, relatives of the dead soldier, and the PSNI.

Arlene Foster MLA said an individual named in an HET probe into the killing had been among those included in a list of on the runs (OTRs) supplied by Sinn Fein to the Government.

She called this latest move a “step towards justice”.

“It is clear that significant evidence was gathered at the time of this crime and there could still be the possibility of bringing those responsible to justice.

“It is also vital that those who received any assurances in relation to the OTR scheme know that crimes will be investigated and that they could stand trial for their crimes.”

Meanwhile, the UUP’s Ross Hussey, West Tyrone MLA, said: “The Cummings family circle has waited a very long time for movement in this case, and like all the others who have had family members murdered throughout the Troubles, is entitled to justice.

“They have waited long enough and I for one hope that it comes soon.”