Protestors dub UVF mural on Falls Road an ‘insult’

Pictured is the protest against the new Carson mural
Pictured is the protest against the new Carson mural

Roughly 20-or-so demonstrators gathered at the ‘international wall’ on the Falls Road shortly before lunchtime to decry the removal of a mural to an IRA man.

At the gathering, a statement was handed out which said that the removal of Kieran Nugent’s image from the wall – to be replaced by a historic mural depicting Edward Carson atop an anti-Home Rule platform – was “an insult to the people of the Falls Road”.

It condemned the “revisionist agenda by some in our community”.

The gathering took place a day after a page on Facebook belonging to ‘Belfast Cumann’ – linked to the dissident republican group the 32 County Sovereignty Movement – issued a call for demonstrators to attend.

The mural was attacked earlier in the week by paint, and has earned a hostile reaction from hardline republicans on the internet.

Danny Devenny, the artist understood to be behind the Carson work, hit back on his Facebook profile, writing: “Plenty of good books on Irish history available across the country.

“Plenty of good murals coming also.

“‘Those who do not understand the past are prone to make the same mistakes again’.”

He also wrote: “For those insolent morons who put paint, that was not needed on this new mural... please resume taking your medicine.”