PSNI statement: “A dog ate a frog” after attempted burglary claim

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A dog went hopping mad at a frog intruder - and caused an online furore over blood-stained burglars.

The intruding amphibian at a house in Portadown was eaten by the dog, a Jack Russell, last night, said police.

It is understood the PSNI were called after concerns about someone at the back of the house in Seagoe Park.

The resident said his step-son had said he had seen someone out the back and, when he checked, he had spotted blood on the door frame.

He added that due to serious concerns about recent burglaries in the area, they called the PSNI.

The resident added that on inspection police discovered a portion of a frog’s leg around a centimetre long.

“They (the PSNI) determined that the blood on the door frame belonged to the frog,” said the resident, who is unconvinced given that the blood was ‘chest-high’ on the frame.

“There has been a concern locally about burglars and there are a lot of elderly people in the area,” he said, adding that a local neighbourhood watch group had spotted suspicious activity prior to this incident.

He added that he had his doubts as to whether the blood belonged to the frog.

However when asked about the attempted burglary, a PSNI spokesperson simply said: “There was no attempted burglary. A dog ate a frog.”