PSNI working on LVF banner issue

The Billy Wright poster
The Billy Wright poster

The PSNI says it is working with the community to have a sign glorifying LVF leader Billy Wright Dungannon removed from a lamppost next to a bonfire in Dungannon.

The controversial memorial sign carries a picture of the notorious terrorist along with the words: “In proud memory of Brigadier Billy Wright” and a quotation attributed to him that goes: “I would look back and say Cappagh was probably my best.”

A loyalist attack in the Tyrone village in 1991 claimed the lives of three IRA men and that of 52-year-old Catholic civilian Thomas Armstrong.

PSNI Chief Inspector Stephen Humphries said: “Police are aware of an offensive sign that has been erected in the Dungannon area and are working with people in the community to have it removed.”

Victims campaigner Aileen Quinton described the sign as “disgusting”. She added: “Yet another sign - literally - of the moral abyss where we fail to condemn murder and murderers and dismiss it as ‘the past’.”

DUP Councillor Kim Ashton added: “There should be no glorification of paramilitaries, regardless of what community they claim to represent.”

Innocent Victims United spokesman Kenny Donaldson, IVU Spokesman said: “Billy Wright’s name is synonymous with terrorism and human carnage. ‘Loyalty’ to your Country or political ideals via the barrel of a gun or through the detonating of a bomb is not ‘loyalty,’ it is terror and criminality.

“Those who erected this sign are deeply misguided around what constitutes a hero and are guilty of terrorism idolatry.”