Pub ID checks urged for A-level results

Colin Neill
Colin Neill

Pubs and clubs across Northern Ireland have been urged to step up their proof of age checks during exam results day.

Colin Neill of Pubs of Ulster said that with thousands of young people across the Province getting A-level results this week, publicans should ensure door staff step up their checks on ID and are on the lookout for various forms of fake ID.

“Of course we want them to have a good time but we also want to ensure that they enjoy themselves in a safe, regulated environment,” he said.

“We would also appeal to licensees to keep a look out for those young people who – whilst being at the legal age to consume alcohol – may get carried away with excitement on the night and consume too much.”

The industry body has recommended that licensees adhere to the “Challenge 21” policy when serving young people – a proof of age scheme introduced to encourage licensed premises to carry out ID checks on anyone who appears to be under the age of 21.

Acceptable ID – including a current passport, driving licence, electoral identity card or PASS hologram card – should be requested from licensees before admitting entry to pubs, clubs and off-licences.

Anyone seeking further information or guidance regarding acceptable forms of identification can visit