Raising a glass to our politicians

WE all like to complain about our politicians which is hardly surprising when you consider where we live.

But there are worse examples out there with even less of an excuse. I nearly fell off my stool the other night when listening to BBC news on my radio and they announced that councillors in County Londonderry had passed a motion proposing that the drink-driving limit be increased for older people living in rural areas.

The argument ran that this would reduce the risk of isolation by allowing them to socialise and could help to offset depression or even suicide.

Before calling the troops out to the streets to peacefully protest against this ridiculous, dangerous idea, I double-checked the facts and saw that it was actually a council in County Kerry and, after thanking God for the border and the fact that even down there they weren’t crazy enough to actually take the motion seriously, I poured myself another glass of today’s WINE OF THE WEEK, the smooth, sophisticated, mineral-tinged and bone-dry 2012 Torres Vina Sol Catalunya (currently reduced to £4.75 from £5.99 at Tesco).

A vibrantly aromatic floral and fruity bouquet leads to a palate that is full of green apple and pineapple flavours while subtle strands of vanilla enrich the brisk, discreetly acidic finish. It was a wonderful accompaniment to my pork chops and apple sauce, lovingly prepared for me by my devoted wife, the fabulous Madame G., and which I enjoyed in the comfort and safety of our lovely home, Rose Cottage.

Of course, there will be those who shrug their shoulders and say, “Hey, that’s just the way those Kerrymen roll.” Speaking of which, on a recent visit to London a friend showed me how to make my own sushi rolls with very specific instructions. I was doing quite well, getting the hang of it very nicely, thank you. Then his beautiful Japanese girlfriend arrived on the scene and made her own very delectable roll in a completely different way. I queried this and she said, “Hey babe, that’s just the way I roll!”

We enjoyed our rolls with the lively, fragrant and punchy 2011 Provinz Pavia Pinot Grigio (reduced to £3.39 from £4.39 at Lidl until February 2).

Sharp citrus notes combine most agreeably with orchard fruit, gooseberry and just a hint of sherbet in this gloriously refreshing Italian white which will also go very nicely with more traditional seafood or poultry dishes.

I’m not normally much of a one for praising our local representatives but some of them do at least have principles. I suspect that the Kerryman’s motion was more to do with keeping certain influential backers in the neighbourhood happy than out of any great concern for the health of older citizens. And as for the ones across the water and their ‘expenses’, well, let’s not even get started on that. Raise a glass instead to the integrity of our own politicians for while they may sometimes seem useless, at least they’re honest. Till next week, tipplers, sante!