Reported On This Day 280 years ago (March 13 1739): House and four-acre plantation for sale at Fryar’s Bush

From the tenth surviving News Letter, dated March 2 1738 (which is March 13 1739 in today’s calendar, because the new year then did not begin until late March and so dates early in the calendar that we would consider part of 1739 were then still considered part of 1738):

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 10:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 12:10 am
The front page of the Belfast News Letter of March 2 1738 (March 13 1739 in the modern calendar)

To be SOLD or LETT,

A Good Buck-house, about eighty Foot long, with a well watter’d Bleaching Green containing about four Plantation acres; situate at Fryar’s Bush, within a Mile of Belfast, whereon may be bleached upwards of 1200 Pieces in one Season; belonging to Mr. James Adair, which he holds by Lease for about ten Years now to come, at a yearly rent of 5. 12s Together with several Utensils which can’t be conveniently removed. Enquire of the said James Adair and know further.

[Friar’s Bush is now a graveyard, thought to be Belfast’s oldest Christian burial ground. It is in an urban area beside the Ulster Museum, but as was countryside in 1730s]

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HENRY AGNEW having just opened Shop at the four Sugar Loaves in Belfast, lately possess’d by James Young Junior; sells several Sorts of Grocery Goods, either by Wholesale or Retail as cheap as any in the Place.

N.B. He sells best new Hops as cheap as any.

We hear from France, that the Merchandize of the British Growth, or Manufacture, which were lately prohibited from being brought into any of the Ports of that Kingdom, by an Arret of the King, are as follow; all Sorts of Stockings and Caps, of Silk, Wool, Thread, or Cotton; Hats, Blankets, Hides, Gloves, Cutlery Ware, or Locks, Buttons, Ribbons, Watches, Clocks, Wine, Pewter, Lead, Mercery Wares, Druggs, and Groceries. The British Commodities, which are thereby permitted to be brought into France, are Allom, Bottles, Wax, Coal, salted Flesh, Horses, Glue, Horn, Coperas, green Hides, Chrystels, Elephants Teeth, Herrings, Cod, Bone, Furs, Calf Skins, Ox Hides, salted Salmon, Tallow, English Carpets, Callicoes, Glasses, and Wool.

LONDON, Feb. 13,

Yesterday a noted Attorney at Law, was committed to the King’s Bench Prison, by Order of the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Justice Lee, for setting the name of an eminent Counsellor to Pleas and Demurrers, by which means he extorted Money from his Clients.

LONDON Feb 17.

By the late contrary Winds no less than 126 outward bound Vessels, besides Coasters, are detained from pursuing their intended Voyages, viz. 63 in the Downs 41 at Cowes, and 22 at Dover; which is the greatest Number ever known. The Upton Frigate, Capt. Spence, for Maryland, sprung a Leak in the Downs, and was forced to put back to Portsmouth to refit.

On Wednesday upwards of 500,000 Yards of Linen-Cloth were enter’d Inwards at the Custom-house, from Ireland.

On Thursday 821 Cambricks were imported from France. Our British Ladies will ever retain their Humour for French Commodities.

We hear that William Finch, Esq; is soon to go in Quality of Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Court of Madrid.

Yesterday printed Copies of the Convention, lately concluded between Great Britain and Spain, were deliver’d to the Members of both Houses of Parliament.

Last Week at a Sale of condemn’d Goods at the Custom-House, there were 200 Advances on Rapee Tobacco, which was put up at Four-pence Half-penny a Pound, and a Farthing Advance, and sold for four Shillings and Six pence Half penny. This Tobacco is the Product of our own Plantations, and by Certificate exported hence to France; from whence it is brought into England at the Back-Door.

Whitehall, Feb. 10. His Majesty has been pleased to grant to the Right Hon. William, Lord Abergavenny, the Office of Master Treasurer of his Majesty’s Jewels, in the Room of the Right Hon. Lord Charles Viscount Townsend.

Near 30 Petitions are preparing in different Parts of the Kingdom, to be presented to Parliament for a Remedy against the clandestine Running of English and Irish Wool to foreign Countries.

Last Monday good shipping Wheat sold at Bear Key for 1l. 2s. 6d. a Quarter, i.e. 5l. 12s. 6d. a Load, and the best shipping Wheat for 6l. which is so low, that it’s impossible Farmers can live and pay their Rents at such Prices; and as Wool likewise bears so low a Price, unless some Care be speedily taken, and the People eas’d of the present heavy Taxes, most of the Lands in the Kingdom will be flung up into the Landlords Hands.