Republic ‘must reveal role in IRA collusion’

THE Irish government is guilty of “duplicity” in calling for an inquiry into loyalist-state collusion when it is unwilling to come clean about its own collusion with the IRA, a DUP MP has said.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson said he was disappointed that the secretary of state had not challenged the Republic of Ireland government about their “duplicity” when it criticised David Cameron for not having a public inquiry into the death of solicitor Pat Finucane.

Mr Simpson raised the issue at Northern Ireland Question Time in the House of Commons where the secretary of state said the issue was a matter for the Republic of Ireland and not within his remit.

But Mr Simpson responded that it is “astonishing that a member of the United Kingdom cabinet should consider the involvement of a neighbouring state in the murder of people in Aldershot, Birmingham, London, Warrington and elsewhere to not be a matter for the United Kingdom government”.

He added: “Elements of the southern government played an active role in the emergence of the PIRA that led to hundreds of deaths of UK citizens.

“Successive governments in the Republic of Ireland refused to co-operate on extradition and turned the Irish Republic into a safe haven for terrorists. Enda Kenny needs to step forward and let the truth be told on this.”