RHI scandal: Debacle has damaged NI’s name, says UUP man

Steve Aiken
Steve Aiken

The Ulster Unionists have hit out over the latest estimate of the cost of the RHI overspend.

Steve Aiken, the party’s economy spokesman, said: “I think a 50% increase in the amount that is going to be cost by the RHI scandal – in a week – completely undermines any confidence that we should have in the ability of our government to manage going forward.”

He added: “I imagine Arlene Foster will be the shortest-ever serving First Minister that Northern Ireland’s ever had – her legacy is minus £0.6bn, and rising rapidly.

“There’s an enormous amount of damage has been done to Northern Ireland PLC’s reputation, there’s been an enormous amount of damage that’s been done to the institutions.”

Whilst acknowledging flaws in the RHI scheme, Mrs Foster has repeatedly stressed that she has “nothing to hide” regarding her own role.