RHI scandal: Kyle Paisley hits out at ‘ingratitude and pride’

Kyle Paisley
Kyle Paisley

The son of Rev Ian Paisley has issued a message via Twitter in which he said “incorrigible pride” has served to worsen the scandal around the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Kyle Paisley, a Free Presbyterian minister in Suffolk, England, issued the somewhat enigmatic message on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Paisley – whose brother Ian is currently DUP MP for North Antrim – has spoken out publicly on a range of subjects in recent years.

In his latest message about RHI, he does not indicate who the targets of his criticism are.

The message read: “N. Ireland was given a golden opportunity, after decades of trouble, to govern itself.

“The RHI scandal has only served to undermine democracy and has only invited opprobrium.

“Incorrigible pride, that can’t accept just criticism, has greatly exacerbated things.

“It’s two fingers up in the face of reason, and a full fist of rebellious ingratitude in the face of Providence.”

In May 2014, Kyle Paisley branded Peter Robinson a “condescending ignoramus” after he remarked that he would not trust Muslim people for spiritual guidance but would trust them to “go down to the shops for me”.

In March that year he had called for “some sort of middle ground” to help solve the flag dispute, suggesting that the Cross of St Patrick should fly at Belfast City Hall, and last year warned Christians not to be “ignorant”by demanding that gays should be criminalised.