RHI scandal: Sinn Fein handed first minister ‘get out of jail free card’

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll
People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll has slammed Sinn Fein for giving Arlene Foster a “get out of jail free card” by refusing to back a motion of no confidence in the First Minister.

The SDLP motion sought to exclude Mrs Foster as first minister while she continues to face questions about her role in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The motion had the backing of most of the main Assembly parties, but the DUP was able to veto it thanks to Sinn Fein’s abstention from the vote.

Speaking after the motion fell at Stormont yesterday, Mr Carroll said: “I think it’s outrageous that after everything we have discovered about this scandal, that Sinn Fein are still willing to be a crutch for the DUP to lean on. They claim to want to restore confidence in the Executive Office—an office which is up to its neck in NAMA, SIF and now RHI.

“Not only does the public have no confidence in the Executive office, they are absolutely disgusted by the goings on up on the hill.

‘’We think the people of the North should now have the chance to register their disgust at the ballot box. We need fresh elections, as soon as possible. People are sick and tired of this Executive. People want real change. And they want answers, not lip service.”