Right-turn ban is planned for deadly junction on A26 road


A ban on right turns is being planned for a dangerous junction on the dual carriageway between Antrim and Ballymena.

The measure is one of a number of proposals for the Woodgreen junction on the A26 route.

There have been two deaths at the location since early last year, and another death at a similar ‘gap junction’ on the A26 nearby.

Proposals for the junction of the Woodgreen, Maine and Cromkill Roads emerged at a workshop organised by Mid and East Antrim Policing & Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) to address road safety concerns around the junction which was held in collaboration with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, the PSNI and TransportNI.

Transport NI’s Network Development Manager, Alan Keys said: “A review of the collisions along the route focused attention on four distinct junctions on the A26 which were analysed for the introduction of remedial measures.”

Mr Keys told the workshop that the next steps for TransportNI were to review signage and reassess the street lighting at the Barnish Road and Creavery Road Junction and that draft legislation was being prepared and that designs were currently under way for the prohibition of right turns out of the Woodgreen, Maine and Cromkill Roads.

Gap junctions in the central reservation of busy dual carriageways such as the A26 and A1 have been the site of numerous serious accidents in recent years.