Rihanna farmer stars in rap video

Alan Graham rhythmically milking a cow.
Alan Graham rhythmically milking a cow.

A HIP-HOP video about enjoying milk has been launched – featuring the farmer who objected to Rihanna’s racy Northern Irish music shoot.

The bizarre rap is designed to promote the health benefits of the drink, and begins with Alan Graham rhythmically milking a cow.

Alderman Graham, a practising Christian and DUP councillor for Bangor West, achieved a brief burst of fame in 2011 when he asked Rihanna, one of the world’s biggest pop stars, to stop parading topless on his land.

She had been filming a music video for the song We Found Love at the time, but when Mr Graham went to help move a stuck vehicle, he saw the pop star in a state of undress in his field.

Now he can claim to have had a different role in an urban music video shoot – albeit one which is unlikely to match Rihanna’s success.

“I think I starred for maybe three to five seconds,” said the 63-year-old farmer, who owns about 60 acres of land in the Clandeboye area where he grows grain.

“It’s a bit of fun really,” he said.

“I think the real star is the cow. It’s been about 40 years since I machine-milked a cow, let alone hand-milked.”

Despite his lack of practice the animal was very “well-behaved”.

However she has been put on show at Balmoral before, so he suggested she was perhaps used to the publicity.

The video, called Milk It for All It’s Worth, was made for the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, and features Danny Houston, a rapper from Strabane.

Mr Graham had been asked by a friend of a friend to take part, and said: “I really can’t, by any stretch of the imagination, claim a few seconds on a video makes me some sort of star.

“But I’m glad enough to help the folk.”

As for his objection to Rihanna’s topless antics, Mr Graham said the whole thing had been blown out of proportion.

“I had to take the young lady as I found her – very gracious and polite,” he said, adding that they shook hands about five times, and parted company with “no acrimony”.