Robinson and McGuinness discuss talks progress with PM

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness
Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness
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Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness have held a conference call with the Prime Minister to discuss issues arising from this week’s political progress talks.

The first and deputy first minister’s engagement with David Cameron comes the day after a claimed ‘breakthrough’ at Stormont.

On Friday it emerged that the Executive parties demanded more than £2.1billion from the Government in return for striking a deal - with indications that Sinn Fein had accepted welfare reform if some of the cuts to benefits could be offset by greater public spending.

In a statement released on Saturday afternoon, Mr Robinson said: “We discussed the current talks and in particular the financial issues contained in the paper given to the Prime Minister.

“I welcome the fact the Prime Minister is engaged in these financial issues this weekend and look forward to further discussions on Monday.”