Rock legend Suzi Quatro ‘all dressed up in leather and rocking the bass’ in Belfast

Suzi Quatro wasn’t ‘Down at Devil Gate Drive’ but at Belfast’s Redbox recording studios this week.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 4:38 pm
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 4:41 pm
Rock legend Suzi Quatro at Redbox Studios in Belfast

Suzi, who is bringing out a new album’ dropped into the studios to see directors Oonagh Derby from Lurgan and Cormac O’Kane.

And she even took time out to surprise Cormac with a birthday cake for his 50th and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

Oonagh, who is a talented singer and musician from Lurgan, revealed that Suzi is doing a series of appearances across the UK this week.

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Suzi Quatro sings 'Happy Birthday' to Redbox director Cormac O'Kane with anotehr director Oonagh Derby from Lurgan looking on

“We filmed a performance of her new single ‘No Soul No Control’ for a number of people,” said Oonagh.

“I have to say - we were a bit nervous at such a rock legend coming through our doors. But when she came in, she was so lovely and accommodating. A true professional - no messing around - straight in, camera check and straight to performance.

“And wow! what a performer! We have all sorts of talent and people in RedBox from Hollywood stars to local buskers but I can honestly say this one stopped me in my tracks.

“Absolutely brilliant - even picked up a few tricks about how to play to camera!!

Lurgan musician and singer Oonagh Derby who is one of the Directors at Redbox Studios with Suzi Quatro

“She wanted to do all her clapperboard intros herself - which was great laugh - and she had some great stories to tell while we were waiting for the tech guys to get ready.

“She looked amazing - I dont know what age she is - but all dressed in leather and rocking the bass in great shape!

“There are four partners at RedBox and Cormac was 50 - so we got Suzi to give him his birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to him - not everyday that happens! He was delighted.

“She also signed autographs and posed for pictures and even signed the bass.

“The bass belongs to local music legend Nicky Scott (Nicky has played with just about everyone - Van Morrison , Mark Knophler, Mary Black etc) - even he was so excited that Suzi Quatro would be playing it!

“Its so refreshing to see real genuine people in the music industry that are superstars but still take time to chat to everyone.

“We had a few young students in the building who maybe did not know who she was - but they were in no doubt they were in the presence of greatness.

“What a legend!!

“We thoroughly enjoyed it!” said Oonagh.