Sammy Wilson: Hysterical, arrogant Remainers should accept verdict of people

Sammy Wilson says much of the drop in the value of the pound was brought on by speculators
Sammy Wilson says much of the drop in the value of the pound was brought on by speculators

The hysteria which has followed the decision by the people of the UK to leave the EU and the demand for a rerun of the referendum illustrates starkly the nature of the EU and its supporters.

They hate democracy and in their arrogance believe that their views are the only ones worth considering.

During the referendum campaign they thought that by having important people lecture the populace about the consequences of leaving the EU, feeding them with incredible stories of disaster and worse and threatening them with ruin, they could beat the ordinary people into submission.

Their fury since the historic decision to leave the EU is as much about their inability to control the people whose views they so despise as it is about our membership of the EU.

Over the next weeks we can be sure that in their fit of bad-tempered pique all the elements of the rejected Euro political, business and media elite will pour out their bile on the people of this country with a continuation of scare stories, threats and selective news coverage.

We have seen already the prominence given to the temporary fall in the value of the pound and the stock market, much of it brought on by the speculation and manipulation of the money markets by the big financial institutions which talked the market down, bought at low prices and made a killing by selling again when prices rose within a day.

Yet the BBC and others have said nothing about the rapid recovery of the markets. Prominence is being given to speculation of jobs being moved, and the break up of the UK with no evidence that the threats are even capable of being carried out.

The people have spoken. It is up to all who are democrats to act on their will whether they like it or not. Let’s have no more of doing down the country or risking a self-induced recession just to prove a point.

It is now essential to prepare for the negotiations of our exit from the EU. These should be approached with confidence and not as supplicants from some vassal state begging for lenient treatment from an all-powerful master.

In our approach to the EU states let us remember that:

• 6.5m jobs in EU countries depend upon their goods being sold in the UK

• Some countries such as Ireland have whole industries which depend upon access to the UK market

• We could supply many of the goods which we buy from the EU using our own workers if we chose to do so creating millions of new jobs in the UK

• We are a major contributor to the security of the EU countries through our involvement in Nato

• We are one of the countries which helps provide the nuclear deterrent which is so essential to the EU, especially given an increasingly aggressive Russia

• Our intelligence services play an important role in reducing the terrorist threat to other EU countries

• Given that we are the fifth largest economy in the world it is in the interests of the EU to see us prosper

• We are one of the major sources of financial services to industry, individuals and governments across the EU

• Many EU industries are deeply dependent on suppliers in the UK because of the international nature of businesses in today’s world

We have no cause to be fearful in our negotiations with the EU. The role of the Government now should be to make sure we are prepared before we trigger any negotiations, and show no sign of weakness as we enter those negotiations – that is why the Remainers must now accept the new political reality and, in the meantime, get on with governing the UK, making the day-to-day decisions to improve our economy and deal with the internal issues which confront us.